Patty has made numerous appearances on a variety of media, including videos, press releases, articles, podcasts and more to advocate for the industry and for the empowerment of women and minorities in lending and society.


Patty Arvielo is incredibly involved in several organizations and initiatives, ranging from mentorship and philanthropic efforts to advocating for change in Washington DC. Many of the events she participates in and leads reflect these endeavors- all current events Patty is participating in are listed on this page, and check below for a look back on some of the fantastic events she’s been a part of in the past.

Past Events

Patty CGI Event

Global Initiative Conference with James Casselberry

Sugar Ray Leonard Leadership Conf 2021

Leadership Conference with Sugar Ray Leonard


Create WOW Summit

LATimes Latinos de Hoy Awards

Los Angeles Times
Latinos de Hoy Awards

Patty Forbes 30 50 Dubai

Forbes 30/50 Summit - Abu Dhabi


2017 Housing

Leadership Conference with Daymond John

Leadership Conference
with Daymond John

Patty Facebook QA Event

Q&A Event at Facebook Headquarters

Patty Las Founders

#WeAllGrow Las Founders

LATimes Multicultural Business Forum

Los Angeles Times Multicultural Business Forum

MBA MPowering You Event

MBA's MPowering You Event