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About Patty Arvielo:

It’s important to give mention to Patty Arvielo’s humble beginnings in order to understand fully her unique business perspective and well-recognized leadership role in the real estate and mortgage lending industry nationally. Born into a hardworking Mexican-American family from Southgate in L.A. County, California, Patty’s first exposure to the mortgage industry was as a young girl. At just 16, Patty landed a clerical position for TransUnion Credit. At 19, she was promoted into a sales position. Patty worked tirelessly to build real estate agent and community relationships and doing so, ignited a life-long passion for service and pursuit of self-made, enduring success.

In the years following, Patty assumed a natural (often unofficial) role as orchestrator and champion for her sales teams and colleagues. She challenges her teams to take on new projects with confidence and determination. She gets to know the people she works with, genuinely befriending even competitors unable to resist her approachable demeanor and infectious love for helping others.

Patty’s extensive background in mortgage lending includes DE Underwriter and VA LAPP Certifications. Very early on, Patty pursued her own under-served Spanishspeaking markets well before they were a popular and sought after demographic. In 1997 Patty was invited to lead the operations unit of a start-up – New American Financial, until in 2003 when she and her husband Rick Arvielo, decided to launch their own mortgage company – New American Funding.

Over a decade later, Patty has worked to transform New American Funding into a national mortgage lender and servicer that funds more than $1 billion in home loans each month. Under her guidance, the company has brought the entire loan process in house - origination, processing, underwriting, funding and servicing. She continues to actively contribute to the bottom line, originating and booking nearly $3 million in home loans each month on her own, all while managing operations and sales for New American Funding’s headquarters, 130+ branches and 2300+ employees.

Patty’s community involvement includes serving on the Executive Board of Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) Orange County. Patty has also worked, through her Board seat with BBBS, to bring a new mentorship program in house to her company, New American Funding

Patty is deeply involved as well in the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP), whose mission is to increase the rate of sustainable Hispanic homeownership by empowering the real estate professionals that serve the community. She serves as the NAHREP Corporate Board of Governors Chairman and has inspired seven of her New American Funding management level employees to obtain local Chapter and Board positions with the same group in their areas. In Spring of 2014, Patty spearheaded the Latino Focus Committee within her organization, whose mission is to identify and address challenges Hispanic consumers face in their pursuit of homeownership and to enhance the quality of their lending experience.

Patty is also on both the Diversity Committee and the Consumer Affairs Advisory Council for the Mortgage Bankers Association. She is politically involved in the current and future states of mortgage banking, and frequently visits Washington DC to lobby on behalf of the mortgage industry and homeowners. She is also serving as a member of the Fannie Mae Affordable Housing Advisory Council. Additionally, Patty also resides on the Freddie Mac Community Lender Advisory Board which provides a forum for constructive dialogue between Freddie Mac and its customers.


Patty's Awards and Recognition